Episode 52 – Reviews Round-Up – Dunkirk

August 2, 2017

This is Episode 52 of the Ready, Steady, Cut! Podcast. On this episode, we do our reviews round-up and discuss movie releases from the 2nd half of July. The headline review for this round-up is the highly anticipated Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. All films that we review in this episode are spoiler-free. All the movies that we review are listed below.

Episode Breakdown:

00:00 - Intro and Round-Up Summary
02:11 - Hot Topic - Top Gun 2
Movie Reviews
07:49 - To The Bone
26:23 - The Big Sick
35:48 - The Incredible Jessica James
44:55 - First Kill
54:42 - Casting JonBenet
Headline Reviews
1:11:29 - Dunkirk

1:37:39 - Final Comments

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